Open Day - Sunday 6 November 2016 - The Vehicles

This lists the vehicles that were on the road on Sunday 6 November.

The Cars

CVL212 left - CVL 212, 1947 Austin 10 saloon

right - TL 48, 1928 Austin 12 open tourer
JV4936 left - JV 4936, 1936 Austin 18 saloon

right - FW 9805 - 1937 Ford V8 Shooting Brake
FW 9805

left - BUT 7 - 1939 SS Jaguar 2.5 Litre Saloon

The Buses and Coaches

RRR517R Barton 517 (RRR 517R) - 1976 Bedford YMT, Plaxton 'Supreme' single deck
One of many 'grant coach' specification vehicles bought by Barton on a variety of chassis in the 1970s as part of a major fleet renewal, this coach saw later service with Cochranes, Peterlee. After a return to the Nottingham area, it has had a thorough restoration.
It is now part of the Nottingham Area Bus Society collection.
photo by Steven Hughes on Flickr, and used under 'Creative Commons' licence.
JOJ548 Birmingham Corporation 2548 (JOJ 548) - 1950 Guy Arab IV / MCW double-deck
One of a batch of 100 Guy Arab / MCW double deckers delivered in 1950-1, No. 2548 was allocated to Quinton garage until 1968 when it was re-allocated to Hockley. After withdrawal from passenger service in 1972, it became a mobile publicty bus for West Midlands PTE's 'Travelcard'. After being in storage for a year, it was withdrawn in 1977 and it entered preservation in 1979. After some years rallying, an extensive restoration was completed in 2011. owned by the 2548 Group, Birmingham
photo courtesy Ken Jones
N577EUG Black Prince (Morley) 577 (N577 EUG) - 1996 Mercedes-Benz 0405, Optare Prisma single deck
This chassis was in production from 1983, deisgned as a standard 'city bus' to German standards. A number were built for the UK market before the model was replaced with the low floor Citaro. This bus was ordered new by West Yorkshire independent Black Prince, and later ran with Red Kite, St Helens. After entering preservation, it has been restored to Black Prince livery.
owned by Mr B McMullan, Yorks.
KLB596 Brown's Blue Bus Service - KLB 596 - 1950 AEC Regent / RT, Weymann double deck
Markfield (Leics) independent operator 'Browns Blue' was taken over by Midland Red in 1963, and among the operating fleet were nine ex London Transport RT type buses. None of these survived into preservation, and to mark the 50th anniversary, KLB 596 was restored to Browns' livery.

As RT 1347, it was new at London Transport's Holloway garage, and acquired its current chassis and body combination at a 1967 overhaul. It has been in preservation since withdrawal in 1978.
Owned by M Gamble, Leics.
M1OCT Delaine Buses 116 (M1 OCT) - 1995 Volvo Olympian, East Lancs double-deck
The first Volvo bought new by the fleet and the last to be ordered and collected by the late Hugh Delaine-Smith MBE, No. 116 was the first of six Volvo Olympians that joined the fleet between 1995 and 1999. It is now the last of the batch in service with Delaine, and the last step entrance bus in the fleet. This is expected to be its last year in service, after which it will join the Delaine Heritage Trust fleet.
Owned by Delaine Buses Ltd.
photo by ACBest at Flickr, used with permission.
433MDT Doncaster Corporation 33 (433 MDT) 1963 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/11, Roe single deck
One of a batch of five bought to follow an earlier batch of AEC Reliances, No. 33 was the only one of the batch never altered, and the only one not to received South Yorkshire PTE livery after Doncaster's operation passed to them in 1974. After withdrawal, No. 33 was loaned to and subsequently purchased by the Doncaster Omnibus and Light Railway Society. A restoration has been carried out in recent years. It is now resident at the Trolleybus Museum, Sandtoft
Doncaster 122 Doncaster Corporation 122 (KDT 393) - 1951 AEC Regent III, Roe double deck
Sold by Doncaster Corporation after only 4 years service, this bus passed to local independent Blue Ensign. After withdrawal in 1967, this bus was later used for driver training. Extensively restored by the late Tony Peart, this bus was bequeathed to the LVVS in 2007.
EPW516K Eastern Counties RL 516 (EPW 516K) - 1973 Bristol RELL, Eastern Coach Works single deck
This bus passed in 1984 to the the Cambridge based Cambus fleet when Eastern Counties was divided prior to deregulation, then in 1989 to the associated Peterborough area VIscount Bus & Coach. After sale in 1990, it saw further service with Johnsons Coaches (Hanslope), Buckinghamshire Road Car, then Blue Bus Services (Busways) in Tyne & Wear, prior to entering preservation in 1998.
It is now owned by Messrs Chilvers, Phillips & Vardy, Norwich
VHK177L Eastern National 1404 (VHK 177L) - 1972 Bristol RELH, Eastern Coach Works single deck coach.
New to the 'Tillings Travel' coach fleet, this coach was repainted into 'National Coach white' livery before entering service, and soon transferring to National Travel (South East.) Transferred to the parent Eastern National fleet in 1979, this coach was rebuilt as the prototype for the E.C.W. B51 coach body in 1981. Passing to Bristol Omnibus in 1985, the coach was privatised to Badgerline, then in 1992 passed to Northern Bus. In preservation since 1998, and returned to 1981 livery and condition, this coach is now in the care of the East Anglia Transport Museum, Carlton Colville
M393VWX Harrogate & District 365 (M393 VWX) - 1995 Volvo B10B / Alexander 'Strider' single deck
One of a batch of five bought by Harrogate and District for their route 36 (Leeds - Harrogate), this bus was later sold to CMT Buses, Liverpool, passing in to Glenvale then Stagecoach ownership. After passing to Stagecoach Cumbria, it returned to Yorkshire, and is now in active preservation with Connexions Buses, Harrogate.
KW474 'Lincoln Corporation 1' (KW 474) - 1927 Leyland Lion PLSC1, Leyland single deck
New in 1927 to Messrs Blythe and Berwick, Bradford, passing with that company to West Yorkshire Road Car, then being sold for further service in Jersey. Withdrawn in 1959, this bus was chosen for preservation by the then recently formed LVVS, as an 'identical twin' of Lincoln's second 'No. 1' VL 300, and it has carried Lincoln livery since its restoration.
VL1263 Lincoln Corporation 5 (VL 1263) - 1929 Leyland Lion LT1, Applewhites single deck
Believed to be the only surviving bus with bodywork by Lincoln based Applewhites', this bus was first withdrawn from service in 1938, to be reinstated the following year because of the war-time shortage of buses, and kept in service until 1949. After 6 years' use as a snow-plough, No. 5 was rescued from a scrap-yard to become the LVVS's first vehicle - it was extensively restored by Lincoln City Council in 1984-6.
KTL45Y Lincoln City Transport 45 (KTL 45Y) - 1982 Leyland Olympian ONLXB/2R, East Lancs double deck
One of a batch of three Bristol built Olympians, 45 was fitted with an electronic dot matrix destination display when new and received a special livery for the 'Birchwood Flyer' service. It was renumbered 645 when LCT was acquired by RoadCar in 1993 and was the sole remaining ex LCT vehicle to pass to Stagecoach in December 2005. Subsequently renumbered 14695 in February 2006, it was withdrawn from service in October 2006 and acquired for preservation. It now carries the livery in which it first entered service in 1982.
BFE419 Lincoln Corporation 64 (BFE 419) - 1941 Leyland 'Titan' TD7, Roe double deck
New in 1941 to full pre-war specification. Withdrawn in 1962, No. 64 was bought for preservation by the late Mr Vincent LeTall, a founder member of the LVVS, and has subsequently passed to the Society. It currently carries the livery it carried between the late 40s and late 50s.
RFE416 Lincoln Corporation 89 (RFE 416) - 1961 Leyland 'Titan' PD2, Roe double deck
A late example with vacuum brakes and built to 7'6" width, originally delivered in a non standard shade of green, No. 89 survived to be Lincoln's last open platform bus in service in 1977, then entering preservation.
FW5696 Lincolnshire 1409 (FW 5696) - 1935 Leyland 'Tiger' TS7, Burlingham single deck
Leyland single deck buses were the mainstay of the pre-war Lincolnshire Road Car fleet, this bus (new as fleet number LT 368 with a Brush body) was one of the first batch of what became a fleet of 88 'Tiger' TS7 and TS8 models purchased in the mid 1930s, and were among the first buses in the County to be powered by an oil (diesel) rather than a petrol engine. A new Burlingham body was fitted in 1949, and the bus was renumbered 1409 in 1953. After withdrawal in 1959 it was acquired for preservation.
Owned by Mr J Marshall, Marshalls of Sutton on Trent Ltd
FW5698 Lincolnshire 1411 (FW 5698) - 1935 Leyland 'Tiger' TS7, Burlingham single deck
From the same batch of buses as 1409, this bus was new as fleet number LT 368, and similarly received a new Burlingham body in 1949, and the bus was renumbered 1411 in 1953. After withdrawal in 1959 it was acquired by the Society’s founder member, the late Vincent LeTall, for preservation, and passed along with the rest of his vehicles to the Society.

Lincolnshire Road Car 1503 / LO 603 (B503 FFW) 1985 Leyland Olympian, ECW double deck
New as fleet no. 1503, in 'venetian blind' livery and with coach seats for limited stop services across the Humber Bridge, this was the last of a batch of 3 Olympians bought in 1985, which proved to be the last ECW bodied buses, and the last double deck buses bought new by Lincolnshire Road Car in NBC days. Later re-seated with bus seats, and having been re-numbered 603, it received its current livery (based on 1930s Lincolnshire Road Car colours) in 2003 to mark the Company's 75th anniversary. After withdrawal in 2008, the bus passed to Johnsons of Hodthorpe for school bus work, and continued to wear this livery. It joined the LVVS collection in December 2014.


Lincolnshire 1904 (JVL 619H) - 1969 Bristol VR, ECW double deck
Lincolnshire received its first five Bristol VR buses in 1969, with 1904 entering service at Scunthorpe in August. The 1970s brought adaptations for "one man operation" and National green livery. After withdrawal in 1989, it served as a publicity vehicle for 'The Car Shop' (any more information about where this was would be welcomed by the owner.) In 1991, it was sold to Milton Keynes Borough Council, and initially used as the 'Job Search Bus'. In 1996 it was converted to a playbus, with a number of structural alterations made. Acquired for preservation in 2002, an extensive restoration was completed in 2011.
Owned by Mr R Belton, Lincs.


Lincolnshire 1958 (PFE 542V) - 1980 Bristol VR, ECW double deck
No. 1958 survived to be the last Bristol VR in Road Car's fleet, in yellow livery for school bus duties. On withdrawal in 2001, this bus was presented to the Society by Road Car, it has since been returned to 'National Bus' green livery.

LFW326 Lincolnshire 2318 (LFW 326) - 1955 Bristol LD6B 'Lodekka', ECW double deck
An early example of the 'Lodekka' design that allowed adequate headroom in both decks, within a 13'6" height. This bus worked mainly from the Boston and Skegness depots until withdrawal in 1973, prior to being acquired for preservation by Vincent LeTall, one of the LVVS's founder members.

No. 2318 has returned to the road this year after a few years out of action with rear axle problems.
OVL473 Lincolnshire 2378 (OVL 473) - 1960 Bristol FS5G 'Lodekka', ECW double deck
The 'FS' model was a later version of the 'Lodekka' design, and this is one of many specified by Lincolnshire (and neighbouring company 'Eastern Counties') with 5 cylinder engines. Withdrawn in 1977, 2378 ran for a year in service with J.P.Williamson of Gauldry, Newport-on-Tay before passing into private ownership. An unexpected return to passenger service came in 1986 with Stagecoach of Perth, followed by a spell with Stagecoach subsidiary Magic Bus in Glasgow, latterly as a driver training bus. In 1991 it returned to preservation, and is now owned by Mr I Rolley, Notts
OFW806 Lincolnshire 2609 (OFW 806) - 1957 Bristol SC4LK, ECW (dual purpose) single-deck
New as a coach, and used for private hire and express services, 2609 was one of a number of Lincolnshire's coach SCs rebuilt for 'service bus' use in 1970, and was withdrawn in 1972, and after sale in 1974 had subsequent owners in Northampton and Sunderland.
Owned by the Lincolnshire Rural Bus Preservation Group.
JXC149 London Transport RT 786 (JXC 149) - 1948 AEC Regent / RT, Park Royal double deck
New with a 'roofbox' body to Mortlake Garage, this bus received its current chassis / body combination in 1968. It was withdrawn from passenger service in 1978, having spent its last years at Bromley garage. After a short spell as a driver training bus, it was sold to its present owner in 1979 for preservation and has since been returned to full PSV status and one of a fleet of former London buses available for hire.
Owned by London Routemaster Bus Company, Wisbech
MLL685 London Transport RTL 1323 (MLL 685) - 1952 Leyland Titan 7RT, Park Royal double deck
Delivered new to Hackney garage for route 106, this bus was withdrawin in the 1960s as the Leyland engined version of the RT type was phased out of use. An early preserved bus, RTL 1323 was a frequent sight on the early 1970s rally scene in a Green Line livery never carried in service by RTLs. After a return to red livery, it entered active preservation in Hampshire, and has since passed to Blackmore Commercials, Nottingham, where it joins a fleet with two ex London Routemasters which are also available for hires.
photo by 'Hotspur Star' on Flickr, and used under 'Creative Commons' licence.

C434HHL Marshalls of Sutton on Trent B 101 (C434 HHL) - 1985 Bedford YNT / Plaxton Paramount single deck coach
This coach was new to Wainfleets, Nuneaton and later passed to Brookline, Kent. It has recently been restored by Marshalls of Sutton on Trent, to match one of the Company's first coaches - similar B675 EWE, also new to Wainfleets, and becoming B 31 in the Marshalls fleet in 1990, the fleet numbering sequence following on from that of Gash of Newark. B 101 has recently been restored.
YJ65ERY Marshalls of Sutton on Trent OP 102 (YJ65 ERY) - 2015 Optare Metrocity single deck
Currently the newest vehicle in the Company's fleet, and branded for the Newark - Nottingham 'Fosseway Flyer' service, this is the only Metrocity so far in the fleet.

Owned by Marshalls of Sutton on Trent

photo by ACBest at Flickr, used with permission.
PHA319M Midland Red 319 (PHA 319M) - 1974 Leyland Leopard, Marshall single deck
No. 319 was numerically the first 'S 28' class Leyland Leopard to enter service with Midland Red, new at Worcester depot. Later also working at Ludlow and Tamworth, 319 was at Bromsgrove in 1981 when Midland Red was divided, and 319 passed to Midland Red West, its final depot being Evesham prior to withdrawal in 1990. After non PSV use by an angling club, 319 has since been restored and is now resident at the Yeldham Transport Museum.
VV8934 Northampton Corporation 129 (VV 8934) - 1945 Daimler CWD6, Duple 'utility' double deck
A rare survivor of the wartime 'utility' specification buses built to a basic design requiring the minimum of materials and skilled labour. After a body rebuild in 1952, No. 129 ran in service until 1959 and was sold for scrap. After an amazing survival, 129 was bought for preservation in 1991, and moved to Lincolnshire in 2000. A long restoration was completed in 2011.
ANH154 Northampton Corporation 154 (ANH 154) - 1947 Daimler CVG6, Northern Coachbuilders double deck
After withdrawal from regular service in 1964, No. 154 spent the late 1960s in use as a driver training vehicle. Other than use as a promotional vehicle in the mid 1970s, much of the 1970s and 80s was spent in storage. In 1990, it passed in to the care of the 154 Preservation Societywho have undertaken a thorough restoration.
EUU117J OK Motor Services (Cambridge) 'Lady Sarah' (EUU 117J) - 1971 AEC Reliance 760, Plaxton Panorama Elite single deck coach
This coach was new to Glenton Tours, London, to a luxury specification for coach touring holidays, with 38 seats and the centre door preferred by Glentons. Subsequent operators include Goodwins, Eccles; Regency Road, Cheshire; CL Travel, Cambs, and has been modified to a 28 seat layout with tables at most seats, and a rear galley. It is now with OK Motor Services (Cambridge) and is one of two coaches available for hires.
JIL2795 Pennine Motor Services LN 5 (JIL 2795) - 1973 Leyland National single deck
New to Southern Vectis as fleet no. 876 with registration XDL 800L, this bus saw later service with Executive Minibuses of Greasby, Merseyside, before joining Pennine's well known fleet of Leyland Nationals. There, it received a Volvo engine and a modified heating system which involved removal of the roof pod (to fit the garage) and it ran in service until 2008. It has taken on a second career with a slight difference - converted to a 24 seater with the rear section converted to a kitchen, as a mobile cafe, although it will be running in 'bus' mode at our event!.
Owned by Butlers Bus Cafe, Spilsby (facebook page)
657BWB Sheffield Transport 1357 (657 BWB) - 1962 Leyland Atlantean PDR 1/1, Park Royal double deck
This bus was new with a Weymann body, but received a new Park Royal body in 1968 following fire damage. It passed in to South Yorkshire PTE ownership, and is now in preservation with the Sheffield Transport Group, and is resident at the Trolleybus Museum, Sandtoft
GUF727 Southdown 677 (GUF 727) - 1947 Leyland 'Tiger' PS1, Eastern Coach Works single deck
New as fleet no. 1227, the Company's first post-war coach, for London - South Coast express services. In 1955, as newer coaches entered service, this vehicle was re-numbered, modified for bus work and allocated to Horsham. After withdrawal in 1960, 677 was used by a local charity for a few years, later being acquired by its present owners in 1973. Owned by J & P Jefford, Lincs
FRB208H Trent 356 (FRB 208H) - 1970 Bristol RELL6G, ECW single deck.
This dual door RE was new to Midland General as fleet no.146, and re-numbered 356 in 1972 by Trent, who had absorbed Midland General. After 13 years in service entirely from Mansfield depot, this bus became a mobile information centre, prior to sale in 1986 to Stockport Borough Council. Acquired for preservation in 2000, this bus has been restored to NBC red livery and currently carries its Trent identity after some time with Midland General fleetnames.
Owned by Mr J Schofield & Mr G Clark, Derby
952JUB Tyne & Wear 413 (952 JUB) - 1964 AEC Regent V, Roe double deck
New to Leeds City Transport as No. 952, this bus passed via OK Motor Services to Tyne & Wear PTE in 1975, to meet what was expected to be a short term vehicle shortage. It ran until 1979, carrying mainly its Leeds livery with some panels painted yellow. It entered preservation after withdrawal, and has returned to the road this year after further restoration over recent years - this will be its first LVVS Open Day event. It is currently carrying its Tyne & Wear livery.
F509NJE Viscount Buses B 9 (F509 NJE) - 1988 Leyland Olympian / Northern Counties 'Palatine' double deck
This bus was new to Cambus as fleet No. 509, and later passed to associated company Viscount in the Peterborough area, remaining in the fleet after the take-over by Stagecoach. After withdrawal, it saw further service with Tiger European of Nottingham, in an all over white livery, and carrying registration number F74 MRC, its original registration (now returned) having been placed on a Volvo B12B coach. It is now in preservation with Eastern Bus Enthusiasts
HTA844N Western National 2813 (HTA 844N) - 1975 Leyland National single-deck
After passing to the associated Southern National company in 1983, this bus later became part of the North Devon Red Bus fleet, surviving to become the last Leyland National in service with First Red Bus. Since entering preservation, it has been restored to original National Bus Company green livery.
Owned by Mr S Kirk, within the Eastern Bus Enthusiasts Group

photo by Steven Hughes on Flickr, and used under 'Creative Commons' licence.
JDN668 York Pullman 64 (JDN 668) - 1954 AEC Regent III, Roe Double deck
No. 64 continued in service until 1971, after covering 840,000 miles in service, and twice having to be rebuilt after collisions with low bridges in the York area. Extensively restored by the late Tony Peart, this bus was bequeathed to the LVVS in 2007.
CHE536K Yorkshire Traction 536 (CHE 536K) - 1972 Leyland Leopard, Marshall single deck.
New as a 45 seater, this bus took on a second career as a recovery vehicle, initially in plain red and latterly in plain white livery. In recent years, it has had a partial restoration, with seating restored to the front part of the bus, and a return to the livery it carried when new.
Owned by Stagecoach Yorkshire

We are most grateful to the owners of visiting vehicles.

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