1971 Triumph 1500 Saloon

FVO 714J - 1971 Triumph 1500 Saloon

This car was first registered on 6th June 1971 and was donated to the Society in 1995 by a Lincoln resident.

The Triumph 1500 was added to the company's small saloon family in 1970, and was produced until 1973 - the body shell formed the basis for the later 'Dolomite' range.

The 1500 features front wheel drive (the later 1500 TC reverted to rear wheel drive), a 1493 cc engine with single carburettor, developing about 61 bhp and a top speed of about 85 mph.

October 2008 - The Triumph has left Whisby Road for temporary storage off site.

NOTE - This car is not currently on public display.