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Our 2017 events coming soon -

Easter Sunday 16 April - Transport Festival - information updated and list of vehicles running updated 14.4.17

(still space for visiting classic / vintage vehicles - please get in touch if you want to come for part or all of the day)

Sunday 30 July - Lincoln Castle Rally (entries still open)

Added 5 April 2017

Out and About from the Museum

London's Victoria Coach station celebrated its 85th birthday over the weekend of 11-12 March 2017. Museum resident CVL 850D (Lincolnshire 1431) represented the many generations of coach that have linked Lincolnshire with London since the late 1920s to the present day.

left - an early start from the Museum was required! (photo courtesy T Deakin )

right - Departure for home (photo courtesy C Schofield)
Discover Lincolnshire Weekend We have been involved with the 'Discover Lincolnshire Weekend' in all its guises since its launch in 2004, offering a bus service connecting our Museum with some of the other attractions taking part.

This year, the event over the weekend of 18 / 19 March saw fine weather and plenty of passengers for our buses - RFE 416 (Lincoln 89) awaits departure time with a full load for Lincoln
LVVS at Pennells LVVS at Pennells
Two of our cars visited Pennells Garden Centre, South Hykeham, on 24 March to publicise the Society. JV 4936 (above), our 1936 Austin 16 'York' in position outside the main entrance.

Many thanks to all at Pennells for welcoming us and making this possible.

We will be out and about again at Tesco, Wragby Road, Lincoln on Saturday 8 April - do come and say hello!

Museum News

Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum
Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum TF818
top - Over the last few weeks, the skylights in the Museum have been replaced, and the Exhibition Hall is now quite a bit brighter as a result. Attention has also been given to some of the lights in the Museum.

above left - Some new display cabinets have recently been constructed - these also incorporate some much needed storage space.

above right - During the work, some vehicles had to be moved out, and a re-arrangement of vehicles has taken place now work has finished. TF 818, our 1930 Leyland Lion LT1 (Lancashire United 202) saw the light of day after several years in our workshop building, and received a thorough wash before moving in to the main building.

Fleet News

DFE383 ONO59
above left - Guy Arab DFE 383 (Lincoln 23) is undergoing a long running repair to its manifold.

Bristol K5G ONO 59 has now received body-side straps / beading (above right), is having staircase repairs (bottom left) and various small parts including the bonnet side cover and destination box painted (below right)


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