News and Updates - May to July 2016

Added 31 July

Summer 2016 Fleet News

ONO 59 - Bristol K5G

It has been a busy time in the workshop so far this summer. The major focus of attention is ONO 59, which is having a lot of attention to its woodwork. Both saloons have had the coving plates replaced along with work on the lower deck floor and front bulkhead and platform area.

The front destination box is being rebuilt, lino has been ordered for fitting later in the summer, and some seats are now complete and are being trial fitted.

ONO 59 ONO 59 ONO 59
above - Front framework being replaced - 4 June 2016

below - upper deck coving plates replaced, 8 June 2016
above - Lower deck 'bench seats' under construction - 4 June 2016

below - rear framework being replaced,10 June 2016
above - Upper deck seat frames ready for seat cushions - 4 June 2016

below - two Eastern National Clacton depot allocation plates, recently kindly donated to us for the restoration by Mr Brian Young
ONO 59 ONO59 Clacton Depot plates
ONO 59 ONO 59 ONO 59
above - Some of the seats ready for trial fit - June 2016

below - view through rear destination blind windows (awaiting re-fitting of destination blind box) - July 2016
above - framework between decks, rear offside - 22 June 2016

below - wiring for nearside indicator receiving attention - 10 July 2016
above - new cover for front destination box - July 2016

below - old and new - when the seats were removed for conversion to a caravan, the mounting bolts were cut through. A new set has been made.
ONO 59 ONO 59 ONO 59
ONO 59 ONO 59 ONO 59
above - one week in July - new framework in place, painted with primer, and panelling going on.

More and larger resolution photos can be seen on this album on our Facebook page

AFY 376 - Austin 16/6

Progress continues with the 16 - the paintwork has been stripped back to a fetching pink primer - not an original Austin top coat option!

AGO 903 - Austin Seven

Both axles are being repaired, the front axle is having new king pins shrink fitted while at the back the torque tube is being adjusted to try and eliminate the 'clunk'.

AFY376 AFY376 AGO903
AFY 376 - July 2016 AFY 376 - July 2016 AGO 903 front axle - July 2016

FW 9805 - Ford V8 Shooting Brake

The V8 continues to have electrical problems, the lights are now being rewired to reduce the load on the battery. Ultimately we may have to replace the dynamo with an alternator, more able to provide sufficient charge.

The Austin 12, 18 and Gipsy have all been MOT tested leaving just the Chevrolet coach and Morris Minor van to be dealt with.

FHN 833 - Bristol L5G

Painting continues with some of the body being painted in 'half and half' and the front wings finished in black. The blind on the front nearside bulkhead has been re-fitted.

FHN833 FHN833
rear boot - June 2016 front nearside bulkhead - June 2016

DFE 383 - Guy Arab

No. 23 has had a replacement steering box fitted and it seems lighter now.

CFW 43C - Honda C 200

The Honda is now back at the Museum after attention away from the Museum, and is now being re-assembled.

GLW 419 - Leyland Merryweather fire engine

The fire engine ventured on to the roads in June for the first time in many years for a test drive following an engine rebuild.

CFW43C GLW419 Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum
CFW 43C Awaiting re-assembly, July 2016 GLW 419 on test - June 2016 new lighting in Museum yard

Museum News

New LED outside lights have recently been installed along the side of the Museum building, these will greatly assist vehicle movements particularly putting vehicles away after Open Day events! We are extremely grateful to an anonymous benefactor for this improvement to the premises.

Out and About

The Museum's 1945 'utility' Daimler, VV 8934 (Northampton 129) took part at the Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival (external link) in July

Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival

Among this year's group visits, we welcomed the Lowestoft Classic Vehicle Club, who visited the Museum in June as part of their annual run.

Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum
Some of the cars belonging to Lowestoft Classic Vehicle Club members at the Museum

Added 11 July

Installation of new CCTV System at Museum

The Society's facilities at the Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum have been significantly enhanced with the installation of a very comprehensive CCTV system protecting the site.

The board of the Lincolnshire Vintage Society greatly acknowledge the generous £10,790 grant from Cory Environmental Trust in Lincoln City which helped to make this improvement possible.

The work was undertaken by local electrical and maintenance contractor Brook and Mayo Ltd and Freedom Fire and Security Maintenance Ltd.

Sandford Award for Informal Learning

We are pleased to announce our participation in the new Sandford Award for Informal learning. The SAIL award is a new award that seeks to commend good practice in informal learning, looking at co-production and community enrichment, strengthening learning in the historical environment, in partnership with Bishop Grosseteste University.

The museum has been given 5 tablets and a £1,000 bursary, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The bursary and tablets for SAIL at the transport museum will be used to deliver a digital tagging project relating the social history of the transport collection, enabling visitors to access new enriched information about the narrative of the collection.

Our team will be working with Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society members to record content in partnership with the Musuem and University Partnership Initiative Programme at DeMonfort University and the University of Leicester.

Sandford Award Informal Learning In attendance for the launch event were Rachel Bryant, Sandford Cascade Co-Ordinator (Bishop Grosseteste University), Volunteers at the Transport Museum, Karen Kendall Adams, (Documentation Officer, Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society), Members of the Board of Trustees (Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society), Sally Porter, Economic Development Project Officer (North Kesteven District Council) and Sam Metz, Sandford Cascade Learning Officer (Bishop Grosseteste University).

Out and About from the Museum

LFW326 A busy day on 25 June -

left - Bristol Lodekka LFW 326 attended the Lindum Group fun day

below, left - AEC Regal FFU 860 attended the North Hykeham Town Council's Hykeham Celebration event

below - Austin Gipsy Fire Tender SVL 185 attended the John De Fraine Classic Car Gathering at the B.S.A Social Club at Aisthorpe
FFU860 SVL185
right - Leyland Olympian B503 FFW took part in the Potteries Omnibus Preservation Society's Potteries Transport Rally and Running Day event based at the Britannia Stadium, Stoke upon Trent, on 22 May. B503FFW

Added 30 May

Lincoln Castle Rally report and pictures added.

A new vehicle has joined our collection - JTO 682N - 1975 Enfield 8000

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