Transport Festival - Sunday 3 November 2019

LVVS Transport FestivalFour of the Museum’s cars and 33 buses / coaches took to the road for our traditional end of season event this year, along with a healthy number of visiting cars, buses and coaches on display.

3,344 passenger journeys were made on 156 bus departures from Museum termini, on services to Lincoln city centre, shuttles to the car park at Teal Park and static bus display at Lindum’s on Station Road, and connecting the Museum with the Natural World Centre at Whisby and Doddington Hall.

While we could not repeat November 2018’s feat of having two buses carry passengers for the first time in over forty years, the Society’s W Gash and Sons Daimler (KAL 579) made its Transport Festival debut, having returned to the road at our Newark event earlier in the year. Another debut was a member’s 1939 Leyland Lion LT9, Eastbourne Corporation 12 (JK 8418.)

LVVS Transport Festival
Selection of visiting buses and cars
LVVS Transport Festival

As ever, our thanks to everyone who took part, especially to the vehicle owners, our neighbours in and around Whisby Road, in particular Siemens at Teal Park and Lindum on Station Road, and all at the Hillcroft Business Park for the use of their premises, and the members and friends who volunteered their time on and before the day.

A list of the cars and buses that were on the road can be seen here.

LVVS Transport Festival LVVS Transport Festival LVVS Transport Festival
above - early morning - the day starts long before vistors arrive, getting vehicles out of buildings so that stallholders can move in.

below - visiting cars including Lancia Aprilia and Rover
above - Eastern National 1327 (ONO 59) with a full load at Lincoln Station

below - visiting cars including Volvo 244 and Ford Consul
above - former Lincoln City Transport 67 (1988 Volvo B10M / East Lancs) acting as control bus

below - visiting 1936 Hotchkiss 680
LVVS Transport Festival LVVS Transport Festival LVVS Transport Festival
LVVS Transport Festival LVVS Transport Festival
above - selection of buses 'on stand' between journeys at the Museum terminus

right - Northampton 129 at the Lindum site terminus
LVVS Transport Festival LVVS Transport Festival LVVS Transport Festival
above - visiting Potteries Bristol RE arrives at Lindum site above - Northampton 129 about to pick up a healthy load for Lincoln Station above - Grimsby Cleethorpes 57 followed by Museum Austin Champ on Whisby Road
LVVS Transport Festival LVVS Transport Festival
above - United BG 147 on an 'excursion' above - the Museum's car fleet awaiting action
LVVS Transport Festival left - W Gash DD2 and Tyne and Wear 413 at the Lindum site on the shuttle service to the Museum
left - visiting Eastern Scottish, Warrington Corporation and East Yorkshire buses LVVS Transport Festival

If you have a photo or video collection from the event and would like us to link to it, please get in touch

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