AHE163AHE 163 - 1946 Leyland Titan PD1

Roe H31/25R body

Yorkshire Traction No. 726

Leyland's post-World War 2 double decker was the Titan PD1 model fitted with a 7.4 litre engine developed from a military unit. Although Leyland Motors produced their own body for the PD1 (and PD2) models, the first PD1 to enter service - in March 1946 - carried a Roe body similar to this one, and a batch of similar buses was purchased by Lincoln Corporation.

This bus entered service in July 1946 as No 726 in the fleet of Yorkshire Traction, being withdrawn in 1961.

This bus was then used by the British Racing & Sports Car Club as a club room before being rescued for preservation.

AHE163 Yorkshire Traction Leyland PD1 Left - AHE 163 in service with Yorkshire Traction, in Barnsley.

Right - AHE 163 as acquired for preservation

January 2019 - After a few years away from the Museum, 726 has returned for further work.

WANTED - A 'Clayton box' style destination blind for this bus.

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