CWE 864 1937 Vauxhall 12 Saloon

CWE 864 1937 - Vauxhall 12 Saloon

The Vauxhall Ironworks Company, founded in 1857 as Alex Wilson & Company based in Vauxhall, south London, built its first car in 1903. The majority of production was moved to a new site in Luton in 1905, and the Vauxhall Motors name was adopted in 1907.

After the takeover by General Motors in 1925, Vauxhall cars gradually took on a more Transatlantic look. The 12 hp model introduced in 1935, and fitted with a 12hp 6-cylinder overhead valve engine, 4-speed synchromesh gearbox and cable brakes, followed this style. A popular family car of the 1930's, this model is chiefly remembered for its smooth riding chassis and its very sweet engine.

A 1930s advert can be seen on the Grace's Guide website here.

CWE 684 on the ramp, December 2014 CWE684

January 2015 - Rarely mentioned in fleet news, the Vauxhall has enjoyed some time on the ramp recently where its mechanical condition has been addressed. The intention is to make it safe to move around the Museum, so the tyres will be replaced with those currently on the green Austin 10 whiich are cracked and no longer roadworthy, but will allow the Vauxhall to be moved easily. The 'green 10' will get new tyres as befits a member of the running fleet. The running boards will be made safe and the engine filled with fresh oil.

March 2017 -Vauxhall 12 Saloon, CWE 864 is making progress with the project to make it safe and mobile. With space at a premium, all our vehicles must be capable of being moved if necessary. It is intended however to retain the appearance of a 'barn find' for now.

CWE684 CWE684

August 2017 - CWE 684, has had its fuel tank rebuilt, as part of the project to make it safe and mobile.

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