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This page shows a selection of other displays at our Museum

An Austin 7 747cc Engine and Gearbox, sectioned and mounted for use in training purposes. Austin 7 engine
Delaines Display A display of items on loan from our friends at Delaine Buses - one of Lincolnshire's (and the Country's) longest established independent, family run bus companies - well into its second century of operation.
Display case with models and small artefacts. Display Case
Displays One of our regularly updated displays

Our full-time 'bus crew' consists of Charlie the driver and Dolly the conductress. The bus conductor - or conductress - became almost extinct outside London by the early 1980s - Lincoln City Transport ceased using conductors in 1978, and Lincolnshire Road Car in 1982.

Responsible for taking fares, and signalling to the driver to start and stop the bus, conductors also assisted when buses had to reverse, and looked after parcels which could be sent by bus in many areas.

Women conductors were a rarity until the 1939-45 War, when (as in 1914-18), women were recruited to replace men who had joined the services. After 1945, more women came into the job. Women bus drivers were very rarely seen before sex discrimination laws were introduced in the 1970s.

Charlie is shown wearing a Lincolnshire Road Car summer dust jacket from the 50s or before, Dolly is modelling a 1950s Lincoln City Transport uniform jacket, and an 'Ultimate' ticket machine from the 1950s - as used by LCT until the end of conductor operation in the late 1970s. Both are showing their 'PSV' licence badges - red for drivers, green for conductors.

Charlie and Dolly
Lincs Road Car Destination Blind Lincoln City Transport Destination Blind Bus Destination blinds from Lincolnshire Road Car (Boston Depot) (far left) and Lincoln Corporation.

'Leverton Ostrich' is an unusual display - the 'Ostrich' is a public house some distance from the main road at Leverton - this display showed that the bus diverted off the main road.
Our Open Days - when many of our buses run 'in service' also give us an opportunity to get some of our collection of bus company uniforms and ticket machines out of storage for the day and use them in the traditional manner - you may even be issued with a 'bell punch' ticket, 'dinged' in the once familiar style.

This picture shows a 1950s "Setright" machine and conductor's cash bag.
Setright Machine
Bristol VR Panel Panels taken from (now scrapped) Lincolnshire Road Car Bristol VR 1963 (SVL 173W), which received a special livery to commemorate 50 years since the end of World War 2. A picture of the bus in service can be seen here.
The office clock from the (now demolished) Lincoln Corporation bus garage / offices. Clock from Lincoln Corporation Transport

Other items on display include:

A British Leyland ‘B’ type 1.8 litre Engine plus a 1275cc Engine with a 4-speed synchromesh Gearbox.

A Ford 2 litre V4 Engine & Gearbox.

A number of artefacts from the former Lincoln Corporation bus garage at St Marks - including two plaques, one commemorating the original opening of the depot on the 7th of November 1928 and the other a substantial extension opened on the 24th of March 1939.

An architect’s impression of the former Lincolnshire Road Car bus garage in St Marks, three years before its actual construction in 1959.

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