EVL549EEVL 549E - 1967 Leyland Panther

C Roe DP45F body

Lincoln Corporation No. 41

New to Lincoln Corporation in 1967, this was the City's first 'Panther' and the only one of the 25 to have semi coach style seats rather than 49 bus seats, for occasional use on private hire and council committee duties.

Minor modifications to allow one-man operation were made in 1968, with 'Autofare' equipment (fare box and ticket dispenser) being added after the system was adopted in 1972.

Withdrawn by Lincoln City Transport in 1979, this vehicle was sold to Messrs Cross of Hibaldstow for use on contract services before passing for preservation. Restoration to original condition is under way.

No. 41 in service in Lincoln City Bus Station in the company of Bristol RE, No. 73 which is also now part of our collection.

A Detailed summary of restoration work from 2000 - 2002 can be read here

October 2003 - Extensive work continues on the front end. A new door pillar has been made and fitted, and will be clad with aluminium shortly. The steel base-plate carrying the door gear has been cleaned and painted. It has been refitted to a new under-rail. The fibre glass windscreen pan has been repaired. A new aluminium panel is being prepared for the dashboard scuttle. A new replacement pivot-rod is to be made so that the fold-up doors can be refitted.

July 2004 - Work has recommenced on the door area with more new framing and interior aluminium panels being fitted.

EVL 549E Leyland Panther

October 2004 - Work continues on the reconstruction of the passenger door area, with new floor areas being prepared.

October 2005 - The new platform has been fitted with new lino and the renovated doors will be back on shortly. The area has also received a top coat of gloss - the usual Roe "mushroom soup" colour.

The doors have subsequently been re-fitted.

April 2007 - interior work was halted this spring due to a nesting blackbird in the luggage racks - we are not sure if this is the same blackbird who took up residence in Lincoln 73 a few years ago!

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October 2008 - New framing has been sourced for the n/s lower part of the bodywork. Extensive work is being carried out on the near side. This requires replacement of the wide skirt rail and also the angle iron floor rail. An aluminium floor rail has been fitted in an attempt to prevent any further decomposition by electrolysis of the interior alloy panels.

Some of the ceiling panels are being taken down to allow a longitudinal roof rib to be inserted. This will hopefully reduce the 'bellying' that the Panther 'Roe' bodies were prone to.

April 2009 - New lower framework has been fitted to the nearside. EVL549E

October 2010 - The front end has been stripped down and some new steel framing sourced after the windscreen was removed - carefully! New panels have been fitted to the nearside.

April 2011 - New steel framing and panels have been fitted following the removal of the front screens.

July 2011 - The destination blind area has been cleaned and repainted.

October 2011 - Following new steel framework being fitted to the windscreen area, the fibreglass frame is back in place. Current work is the repair of the original style of radiator grille panel, which is rather battered, and the stripping of paint off the roof.

January 2012 - The windscreen is now in, new corner panels fitted and work continues on the cab area and paint stripping the roof.

April 2012 - More paint has been stripped from the roof, while the cab area is being re-panelled - it's looking good!

July 2012 - Ian has put in many, many hours sat on the roof scraping off all the paint from the aluminium panels to be rewarded with a nice shiny finish, and has now started rubbing down the fibreglass front and rear domes. Meanwhile owner Cyril has continued with building up the exterior cab area, with panelling and mouldings and is repairing the roof vents.

EVL549EOctober 2012 - The roof now awaits the fitting of the expertly repaired roof vents, and interior ceiling panels after work on the framework by Cyril and Ian.

January 2014- Work continues on the demister system in the cab area, and o/s body frame inspection.

July 2014 - The Panther has new offside panels fitted and the nearside wing is being refurbished.

April 2015 - The accelerator linkage has been overhauled and is now in working order. Work has continued on the heater and demister at the front. Work has started on rebuilding the rear of the body.

July 2015 - The front panels have now been refitted, which restores the vehicle's 'face'. Much progress is being made with the bodywork, the framing around the rear window is being renewed, the wings and emergency door rebuilt.

August 2017 - The Panther now has new wings in place

December 2017 - Rear panels have been re-fitted and the cab has been repainted in standard 'mushroom soup' colours

EVL 549E - 25 November 2017 EVL 549E - cab area
4 December 2017


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