FFU 860 - 1949 AEC Regal IIIFFU 860 - 1949 AEC Regal III

Willowbrook DP35F body

Lincolnshire Road Car 860 / 1873

Ordered by Enterprise Passenger Services of Scunthorpe as their No 60, this dual purpose (bus/coach) vehicle was first licensed by Lincolnshire Road Car in 1950, after Enterprise had been taken over by Road Car and it had been in store for several months, then numbered 860.

This vehicle, in common with contemporary AEC buses (FDO 573 and OLD 714) in our collection, has air brakes and an air operated 'pre selector' gearbox. This vehicle would have spent most of the week working local services from Scunthorpe, but in the summer, regular express services to resorts including Scarborough and Skegness were operated.

It spent most of its life with LRCC at Scunthorpe, being re-numbered 1873 in the 1953 re-numbering scheme. After withdrawal in 1961, this bus was used by various contractors in North Lincolnshire, its final use being with a potato company, who sold the bus to a Worksop dealer following a mechanical failure.

FFU860 In Lincolnshire Road Car green livery, apparently on private hire duties. Date and location unknown.

860 was rescued by a Society member in the early 1970s, and after much work, both mechanically and bodily, it is now in the livery it first entered revenue earning service with the Lincolnshire Road Car, although for much of its working life, it was in the more familiar 'Tillings' green livery.

October 2008 - After work on the rear axle the vehicle has been MOT'd and has returned to the road after a few years' absence, attending the Meadowhall Rally in September 2008.

January 2009 - The n/s oil seal failed again after the Meadowhall rally at Sheffield in September which meant more work on the pit! Touch wood the remedial work seems to have been satisfactory and the bus was out again for a rally at Sandtoft and our Open Day.

January 2011 - The destination box has been rewired and the saloon heater is now working following work on the motor. One of the engine side plates has been removed for repair to stop a water leak.

October 2011 - Repairs have been made to the engine side water plates, destination box and saloon heater wiring, and the rear axle oil seal. It passed its MOT following the above at the end of August.

January 2014 - This has received new water pipes and hoses recently.

FFU860July 2018 - The cab door pillar has had some recent repairs.

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