FW5698 Leyland Tiger TS7

FW 5698 - 1935 Leyland Tiger TS7

Burlingham B35F body

Lincolnshire Road Car No. 1411

Leyland single deck buses were the mainstay of the pre-war Lincolnshire Road Car fleet, with 88 'Tiger' TS7 and TS8 models being purchased in the mid 1930s.

{short description of image}This TS7 example originally carried fleet number LT370 and was one of the first buses in the County to be powered by an oil (diesel) rather than a petrol engine. The picture on the left shows (in model form) the original body style and livery.

A new Burlingham body replaced the original Brush body in 1949; it was renumbered 1411 in 1953 and remained in service with the Road Car until 1959. Upon withdrawal it was acquired by the Society’s founder member, the late Vincent LeTall, for preservation, and passed along with the rest of his vehicles to the Society.

Identical vehicle FW 5696 (fleet no. 1409) also survives in preservation with a Society member, and is also a frequent visitor to our 'Open Days'.

Following a grant from the Lincolnshire County Council Heritage Fund in 2000, the front road springs and injector pump were refurbushed by Brigg Springs, an engine inspection in 2004 led to the cylinder head, injectors, fuel pump and pistons being reconditioned over the next two years.

FW 5698 Direction indicators were fitted for the first time in 2008.

January 2009 - Still experiencing "charging" problems the dynamo has now been removed for examination and to check that a newly acquired regulator will be compatible. Getting the dynamo out meant that the radiator, bonnet top etc had to be removed.

April 2009 - The dynamo control box has now been refitted and tested all in order. Anti-freeze has been replaced. An inspection, full lubrication check with rear axle and gearbox oils changed was carried out prior to an MOT pass on 28 February, and a return to 'service' at the March 'Discover Lincolnshire' weekend.

January 2015 - The front brakes have been relined with new woven brake linings. The old linings were found to be badly glazed, although there was still plenty of 'meat' on them. The rear brakes also need relining, after which the Tiger can go for MOT.

April 2015 - The brakes have now been relined and are being adjusted. A new exhaust and silencer have been made and are awaiting installation after which an MOT beckons.

December 2016 - The brake servo is being overhauled, which hopefully will improve its braking performance.

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