1969 Raleigh Wisp

HVL 4G - 1969 Raleigh 'Wisp' Moped

The Raleigh Bicycle Company, Nottingham, began making motorcycles in 1899, but only for seven years. During this time, they acquired the Sturmey Archer company, who produced gear mechanisms for bicycles that will be familiar to many people who owned a bicycle in the 1950's and 60's.

Production restarted in 1919, and after commercial and racing success, stopped again in 1933, probably due to the world recession. Before the Second World War, Raleigh made a 3 wheeled Light Delivery Van, and a 4 seat car, on the same design, the Safety Seven. After the War, the manufacturing rights to these vehicles were sold off, and became the Reliant 3 Wheeler.

Raleigh resumed bicycle production after the War, followed in the late 1950's by a series of Raleigh Mopeds. As many as 9 different models were in production at the same time. The Wisp was made from April 1967 to September 1969 and features a fully automatic transmission. The frame was based on the Raleigh RSW bicycle.

This moped, in 'Mexican Gold' colour, joined our collection in Summer 2009.

January 2018 - The 'Wisp' is in the workshop for refurbishment and general smartening up.

HVL 4G, December 2017

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