News and Updates - Spring 2018

Added 20 May 2018

ONO 59, our 1949 Bristol K5G, has now had its first top coat

(photos 17 May 2018)

Added 30 April 2018

Thanks to everyone who came to our Easter Sunday Transport Festival event - report and photos here.

Thanks to Pennells Garden Centre, South Hykeham for welcoming us again on 22 March for a vehicle display - this time our Austin Gipsy and Morris Minor represented the Museum. LVVS at Pennells

Thanks to everyone who braved the rain to come and see us on Lincoln City Square on 10 March - and thanks to all involved who made it happen.

Lincoln 73 was also one of the buses out and about in service as part of Discover Lincolnshire Weekend on Sunday 25 March

LVVS at Lincoln City Square LVVS at Lincoln City Square UVL873M
LVVS display in Lincoln City Square on 10 March 2018 LVVS bus service for DIscover Lincolnshire Weekend

Vehicle News

AFY 376 - Austin 16

Dry assembling of sunroof components continues, with rain gutters being fitted. Alloy trim materials have been sourced for the sunroof trim.

AFY376 JV4936 JV4936
AFY 376, seen from above JV 4936 - wiring in progress

JV 4936 - 1936 Austin 18

Work continues with the wiring loom. A newly sourced stainless steel exhaust awaits fitting.

ONO 59 - 1949 Bristol K5G

Lots of smaller jobs have been progressed during the winter. Panelling is now complete, with beading being finished off. The platform handrail and used ticket box have been fitted and the seats are all in. If it had been warm enough we could have painted it!

ONO 59

above - beading being fitted

right - platform handrail in place

KW 7604 - 1930 Leyland Badger

Work on the Badger's engine was completed in Spring, and the Badger returned to the road as an unscheduled extra at the Easter Transport Festival event.


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