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AFY 376 - Austin 16

Recent progress with the car fleet has focused on the Austin 16 where the wiring loom is being fitted, the inside of the wings painted, and the light board and number plate mounting for the rear is being made.

The seemingly endless holes in the roof are now all welded up and work is progressing on the gutters and the sunroof.

AFY376 AFY376 JV4936
AFY 376, 3 January 2018 AFY 376 - sun roof, 3 January 2018 JV 4936 - 13 December 2017

JV 4936 - 1936 Austin 18

The Austin 18 is now having its long awaited new wiring loom fitted.

TFE 475W - 1981 Austin Allegro

A start is being made on repairing the Allegro's suspension and cooling system.

KAL 579 - 1948 Daimler CVD6

The Society's most recent acquisition has now reached the point where it is mobile and has been parked in the Museum, although further work is needed. So far the offside rear spring has been replaced and the brakes serviced, but there is still plenty to do before we can contemplate an MOT test.

KTL 45Y - 1982 Leyland Olympian

No. 45 has had its nearside front airbag top plate replaced and a replacement compressor fitted.

HVL 4G - 1969 Raleigh 'Wisp' Moped

The 'Wisp' is in the workshop for refurbishment and general smartening up.

HVL 4G, December 2017

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