News and Updates - Summer 2018

Added 30 August 2018

Recent Events

Some of our (and our members') buses were on the streets of Lincoln over the Bank Holiday weekend supporting the Asylum Steampunk Festival

Asylum Steampunk Festival Asylum Steampunk Festival
Asylum Steampunk Festival Asylum Steampunk Festival

Vehicle News

ONO59 ONO59 RC2721
ONO 59 - top coat and lining out now done - fleetnames next RC 2721 - doorway under re-construction back to original layout (the door was widened while it was in use as a static enquiry office.)

Added 22 August 2018

Car Running Day (Bank Holiday Monday 27 August) - list of cars in operation added.

Sleaford Bus Event (Saturday 1 September) - list of buses updated.

Transport Festival (Sunday 4 November) - details added, including connecting bus from / to Newark Northgate Station.

Recent Events

Lincoln 1940s Weekend Lincoln 1940s Weekend
Some of our vehicles took part in the 'RAF 100' Lincoln 1940s weekend on August 11 and 12 2018.

Vehicle News

AFY 376 - 1934 Austin 16 Berkeley Saloon

AFY376 AFY376
Closer to painting : 5 - 6 August 2018.

Added 31 July 2018

Recent Events

A number of former Lincolnshire Road Car buses belonging to our members returned to Scunthorpe on Saturday 21 July and re-created some of the town's former bus routes.

FFU860 Museum resident FFU 860, 1949 AEC Regal III, took part in the Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival on 7 / 8 July 2018.

Another successful Castle Rally took place on 17 June - report and photos here

Vehicle News

FFU 860 - 1949 AEC Regal III

The cab door pillar has had some recent repairs.

DVL 992 - 1950 AJS 18S

The AJS - and 610 BRM (our 160 Velocette Viper) have been checked over and started up prior to an appearance at the Castle Rally.

FFU860 DVL992
FFU 860 - April 2018 DVL 992 test drive in Museum yard - June 2018

TL 48 - 1928 Austin 12 'Clifton' Open Tourer

After much research, some new shrunken buffalo leather for renewing the seats has been produced by a member of the Vintage Austin Register. We have an experienced Austin specialist in mind for fitting it over the winter.

AFY 376 - 1934 Austin 16 Berkeley Saloon

Many hours have gone in to preparing to paint the 16. Mounts have been made to support the wings, bonnet and other panels. The body has been sanded back to bare steel, and the welded seams and joints have all been leaded using traditional techniques.

Now the sunroof timber has settled it can be removed so it can be covered. The body can then be primed and filled and finally flatted back ready for top coating to original colours.

AFY376 AFY376
AFY376 AFY 376 - June 2018

JV 4936 - 1936 Austin 18 York Saloon

The new stainless steel exhaust has now been fitted and the fitting of the wiring loom is nearing completion.

SVL 185 - 1961 Austin Gipsy Fire Tender

The Society has been searching for quite a while for a fire pump for the Gipsy.

After being outbid on several occasions, we have now managed to acquire an extremely rotten but complete Gipsy from which the pump has now been stripped off and the rest broken for useful parts.

Austin Gipsy JV4936
donor Austin Gipsy JV 4936 - new exhaust

ONO 59 - 1949 Bristol K5G

'ONO' is getting closer to being finished - the gloss coat is now complete and the lining out in black is now starting.

LFW326 ONO59 ONO59
LFW 326 - July 2018 ONO 59 - June 2018 ONO 59 - July 2018

LFW 326 - 1955 Bristol Lodekka

The Lodekka is still away at Lincolnshire Co-operative having engine repairs.

DFE 383 - 1948 Guy Arab III

Number 23's engine is back in place after a complicated rebuild.

FVO 714J - 1971 Triumph 1500 Saloon

The Triumph has now left the Society's collection.

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