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Vehicle News

AFY 376 - Austin 16

The 16 is making great strides, and the sunroof is being prepared for painting by Liz following welding. The doors are now refitted after a great deal of work, and the underside of the body has been painted. The body is now back on the chassis, and we have had the engine running as well.

AFY376 AFY 376, 13 December 2017

ONO 59 - Bristol K5G

Painting is well in hand, seats are being fitted and most of the windows re-installed.

A destination blind has been donated by one of our members after it surfaced in Essex

ONO59 ONO59 ONO 59
ONO 59 platform, 10 October 2017 above Clacton depot destination blind

right - more filling - 13 November 2017
ONO 59 ONO 59 ONO 59
ONO 59 - undercoat on upper deck floor, 18 November 2017 ONO 59 - upper deck floor painted,
20 November 2017
ONO 59 - upper deck seats
being fitted
25 November 2017
ONO 59 left - ONO 59 - upper deck seats being 'test driven' - 25 November 2017

right - ONO 59 - upper deck seats in place - 7 December 2017
ONO 59

FHN 833 - Bristol L5G

Progress has got as far as top coat being applied, with fleet names and lining out to come - 'FHN' was on display in the sunshine (but not quite ready to be on the road) at our November Transport Festival event.

FHN833 UVL873M UVL873M
FHN 833 - cream band being painted
25 October 2017
UVL 873M - 7 October 2017 UVL 873M - cylinder heads for 'new' engine - 4 December 2017

UVL 873M - Bristol RE

A damaged panel has been replaced, and work has started on the 'new' engine.

KW 7604 - Leyland Badger

Work continues - and the head has been re-fitted.

EVL 549E - Leyland Panther

Rear panels have been re-fitted and the cab has been repainted in standard 'mushroom soup' colours

KW7604 EVL549E EVL549E
KW 7604 - head being re-fitted
25 October 2017
EVL 549E - 25 November 2017 EVL 549E - cab area
4 December 2017

FW 5698 - Leyland Tiger TS7

The brake servo is being overhauled, which hopefully will improve its braking performance.

GLW 419 - Leyland TD7 / Merryweather

The fire engine has been to Lincolnshire Co-op for a brake check and service - it ran a few short drive-past journeys at our November Transport Festival event.

Lincs Road Transport MuseumMuseum News

A new tyre store has been built thanks to a donation from one of our members. The timber was supplied by MKM Lincoln and the opportunity was taken to make good use of surplus cladding from recent extensions to Society premises. Thanks to Trevor for designing and building the main frame and Paul for designing and constructing the doors.

Added 18 December 2017

Report and photos from our 5 November 2017 Transport Festival added

Report and photos from our 28 August 2017 Car Running Day added

Added 21 September 2017

1948 Daimler CVD6 - Gash, Newark DD2 (KAL 579) joins the LVVS collection - more here.

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