Lincolnshire Related Models

While space is at a premium for our 'full size' vehicles, our regularly changing displays of Lincolnshire Related Models, courtesy of member Harold Abbott, allow us to show a variety of vehicles in miniature to represent some of the vehicles that may not be represented in our vehicle collection.

A further selection is on regular display at the Museum of Lincolnshire Life, and others attend events including Truckfest.

Please note - the displays are regularly changed, and the pictures below may not represent what is currently on display.

A new display is part of our recently refurbished reception area.

Lincolnshire Related Models Lincolnshire Related Models
Selection of Lincolnshire Related Models.
vintage 'Dinky Toys' etc.
Lincolnshire Related Models Buses and commercial vehicles
Mainly HGVs
More haulage, and Lincolnshire buses in non-standard liveries.
EFE model of Lincoln Corporation Leyland TD1 Titan - one that got away.
Lincolnshire Leyland Tiger - this shows the body style and livery originally carried by our Leyland TS7 when it was new.
Lincolnshire Related Models on tour - display at Newark & Notts County Show, 2008
Lincolnshire Related Models on tour - display at Truckfest, Peterborough.
Lincolnshire Related Models on tour - 'Lincington' display at Museum of Lincolnshire Life, 2008

The collection is still growing for future displays, and information on the haulage heriatge of the County - in particular the following companies - would be appreciated :

Butterworth, Lincoln
Formans, Branston
Fosters, Langworth
Kimes (Barker-le-Smith), Lincoln
E R Wright, Bracebridge Heath

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