ONO 59 - 1949 Bristol K5G - The Restoration from 2013

January 2013 - This bus has received an inspection on the pit. The decision has been made to return 'ONO' to road-worthy condition as soon as is feasible. Longer term, the vehicle would benefit from a body overhaul, possibly with professional help to remove the scars on its roof sustained on its 1960s world tour.

Obviously, the latter will cost many thousands, but at least we can strive to get it on the road again as a first step! It will be good to give folk the opportunity to ride on it as soon as we can - we do have a set of seats for this lowbridge bus, although of course these need work too!

April 2013 - We are looking to raise approx £30,000 for ONO so it can carry passengers once again (the seat frames are currently being renovated by members in the depths of a very cold workshop!) and to get the majority of the work outsourced, so it can return to the road quickly. The Board allocated money to this project following the November 2012 Open Day and with extra donations generously given by members this has now grown to £4,000.

October 2013 - This vehicle was used as our control point at the RAF Waddington Air Show, but on its return it suffered from cooling problems, most unexpectedly as it ran so nicely! The good news is that new head gaskets etc have been acquired and the engine is being rebuilt.

January 2014 - The radiator tubes have been removed and cleaned out and are being refitted, and the engine is now complete once again.

April 2014 -Several radiator tubes have been replaced, and two rear side seat frames have been constructed for the lower deck.

July 2014 - 'ONO' has now been to Lincolnshire Co-operative for its MOT. New tyres have been fitted and correct pattern front wheels have been shot blasted and primed and are ready for top coat painting.

October 2014 - 'ONO' is the subject of a grant application to fund its internal restoration, which will require new lino, new seat cushions and backs and a new emergency door.

April 2015 - Following the award of the PRISM grant to fund restoration of the interior, and extensive programme of work has been launched. New seat cushions have been ordered, as has a new upper deck emergency door and Lino. The existing seat frames are now being stripped down prior to repainting. It has been found that the vehicle will need to be rewired.

July 2015 - Following the award of the PRISM grant progress has proceeded apace. The upstairs emergency exit has been removed and a replacement produced in ash using the original as a template. Seat frame and floor refurbishment continues. The nearside lower deck side panels have been removed to allow the body frame to be inspected. Many of the wooden sections have been found to need replacement, not surprising for an ECW body of this age. While various panels have been removed, the opportunity has been taken to rewire the bells, buzzers and lights, which has now been completed.

ONO 59 ONO59 ONO 59
work in progress, ONO 59, Summer 2012 - interior wiring, lower deck framework under repair, and upper deck emergency exit under construction.

January 2016 - Work is progressing with our 'Round the World' bus. Much of the lower deck panelling has been removed and attention has turned to the wood framing, some of which needs to be replaced. The framing around the emergency door is being replaced as is the door itself.

A replacement destination box, which includes the operating mechanism, has been donated by our friends at the West of England Transport Collection, Winkleigh. This was delivered on a sister Bristol K visiting the Open Day, coming all the way from Devon.

Hopefully the rear end will be re-assembled in the not too distant future. Work is still progressing on the upper deck floor and on the seat frames and cushions, but there is still a lot of work to do, and volunteers to help with this project are welcome.

ONO 59 ONO 59 ONO 59
ONO 59 - refurbished seat frames, January 2016. Some of the lower deck seats carry the fleet number 'LK 368' - this was an Eastern Counties Bristol K6B. Nearside rear, ONO 59 - January 2016.

April 2016 - Work is progressing well in a number of areas including rebuilding the wooden frame around the rear end. The coving panels and lino have been removed from the lower deck and the floor treads cleaned up.

All windows have been removed and the frames prepared for re-fitting with new rubber. Thanks to all members who have helped with this work so far, it's smashing to see some younger members involved with this vehicle.

Lower deck framework, April 2016

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