A Key to Bus Body Codes

A brief explanation of the body codes used

Before the number of seats

B - Single deck service bus

C - Single deck coach

DP - Single deck 'dual purpose' vehicle suitable for either service bus or coach duties

H - Highbridge (normal height) double deck bus - includes low height buses with conventional centre gangway upstairs

L - Lowbridge (low height) double deck bus with a sunken offside gangway upstairs

The number of seats

The numbers indicate the seating capacity of the vehicle. For double-deckers; upper saloon capacity / lower saloon capacity. Where no figures are quoted the seats have been removed.

D - Dual entrance vehicle

F - Front entrance vehicle

R - Rear entrance vehicle with an open platform

RD - Rear entrance vehicle fitted with platform doors

RO - Rear entrance vehicle with an open platform and stairs

Two examples -

H30/26R - Highbridge double decker, 30 seats upstairs, 26 seats downstairs, Rear entrance with open platform.

DP47F - Dual Purpose single decker, 47 seats, Front entrance